Friday, July 27, 2012


A good life experience sometimes might be interpreted as living through a bad relationship then getting out of it or maybe overcoming an illness. My blog is inspired by something different, well, lots of different stuff. A big change I made was get out of a rut I was experiencing at work and taking the risk to trust my instincts.
I have just previously gotten back from a month-long training for a company that has also taken a big step out their comfort zone. And did they ever invest their time, money, heart and soul into it.
My kids will always be in my life and of course, their habits, favorite things and quirks, will be a regular feature. Fashion is a necessary luxury in life. Whether it be an awesome pair of shoes, a logo bag or a stockpile of bracelets on your arms, anything you put on says a bit about you. Favorite food, wine, or latte flavor is interesting too and gives you a uniqueness that no one can find in another person.

That's my baby girl. At 4, she has such enduring sense of humor.
I chose this picture because it shows how we all should treat life...with poise, sense of humor and not worrying about what others think. 

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