Friday, August 3, 2012

Tutti Frutti Day

A few days ago, Tutti Frutti opened its doors at Southgate Mall. My son was talking about it and how good it is. When I finally went there to take Mia and Raymond for a treat, it was a pleasant surprise at how they had their frozen yogurt heaven set up. They have ice cream/frozen yogurt dispensers lined on  one side of the wall to dispense the frozen yogurt, each in different flavours. You first get to pick a small or large size of ice cream cup. And you can mix all flavors in your cup. The next step is to pick any topping from the "buffet". From fresh fruits to tapioca bubbles they call boba in different flavors. These bobas actually pop out liquid flavor. The next buffet has a variety of cereals and candy! Then you get to the paying counter. They ask you to place your cup/s on the scale and they charge by the ounce. This one on the photo below cost only $5.25. That included GST. Healthy with a bit of fun (candies). My favorite concoction: Tart frozen yogurt, topped with fresh strawberries, fresh mangoes, mango bobas, berry bobas. A healthy frozen treat.

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