Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sephora Saturday: Nail Polish Remover Wipes and Escada Born in Paradise

For this Saturday, I had to try on the nail polish remover wipes by Sephora. It was actually a dire emergendy since I was too tired to retouch my nail polish and my fingernails just looked so awful and unprofessional with the scraped colors. I don't get how some can stand looking at their naild like that but then we all are super busy and just don't have time. So enter Sephora Nail Polish Remover Wipes. Super handy. Always keep some in  your purse because they are a life saver.

I also was shopping with my daughter, Alicia. We had bought the Escada Born in Paradise Perfume for her birthday last March and she fell in love with it. It smells like pineapples and mangos and strawberries! Just the right amount of freshness in it too. This is a perfect summer fragrance although it would be such a great scent for the colder months just to remind us of Spring and Summer. 

So I am excited with what  beauty product I will buy and try next Saturday!

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