Monday, May 29, 2017

iReflect... May I? Part One...

This is my new favorite top. One-shoulder tie top from the Gap.

Have you ever walked into your closet, take a long look 
and say to yourself, "I have nothing to wear!"?
My dilemma almost everyday, so I implemented a solution...
prep my clothes before bed. The stuff moms do for the kids' school clothes. 
But then, I end up sleeping about an hour later because again, I have nothing to wear.
Downloaded an app called Dressed, took a while to get all my functioning clothes-that means well-fitting- into this app. Then again, nothing looks good together anymore.

Am I waisting my money and time looking through the websites, going to stores, looking at the newest collections for the season, buying what I like, wearing it once or twice, then realizing it doesn't go with anything else in my closet? Most probably. The pieces I thought were classic ones look too trendy or out-of-season now.

Another solution: Buy classic pieces that actually fit and are tailored well. 
Don't kid myself making myself believe that I-will-buy-something-to-go-with-it-one-day-I-just-have-to-buy-it-because-it's-so-pretty lie.

One word: GAP
I've been buying pieces from the Gap and so far, they are the only ones that stood the test of trendy times. The top in the picture above is one good looks trendy for the season, but the color, the fit, the cut are all classic. I'm sure I will wear it for summers to come. Now if only I could stick to my exercise routine.......

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